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We Help Medical Device and IVD Manufacturers Research, Evaluate and Select Distributors and Markets Worldwide

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Whether you are entering a new market or expanding your distribution network, we can assist with assessing your market entry strategy, selecting high quality medical distributors, finding a suitable KOL and supporting the successful commercialization of your products and services. With a team of experienced professionals located in North and South AmericaAsia Pacific, EuropeMiddle East and Africa, we help you make the right choices, and work to promote long term success in your focus markets.

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Selecting Markets and Defining Go-To-Market Strategy

We help medical device companies prioritize international markets and develop a successful entry plan.

How Luctor Can Help

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Finding Reputable Distributors for Your Device

We assist in researching, analyzing and selecting the right distributors for your medical devices in various countries.

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Distributor Selection and Contract Coordination

We support due diligence of "short-list" distributors and offer contract advice once distributors are chosen.

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Why You Should Work With Us

100% Dedication To The Medical Device and IVD Industry


 In-Depth Knowledge of Local Markets, Customs and Business Culture

Multilingual Capabilities


Extensive Experience in International Business Development


Access To Multi-Disciplinary Contacts (Taxation, Legal, Logistics, Real Estate, Etc.)

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We Can Assist You in 70+ Countries 

Luctor can help find and qualify distributed in most major markets worldwide including popular markets shown below. To see all countries we serve, visit our pages on North & South America, Europe, Middle East & Africa or Asia Pacific


Contact Us for a Free, No-Obligation Proposal

Our team of distribution consulting experts is ready to help you establish your next successful long-term distributor relationship. Give us a call or submit an inquiry online and so we can find out more about your specific needs.

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