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Supporting Medical device and IVD manufacturers with the introduction to new markets since 2005 


Luctor Medical – dedicated & convenient outsourced solution

There are obvious challenges in successfully entering new markets. Foreign languages, different cultures, local regulations and vastly time zones all present obstacles to conducting business efficiently. There are also time consuming challenges in the market entry process such as defining the right go-to-market strategy and identifying and qualifying distributors that match your requirements. Let Luctor Medical support you, since we have the local knowledge and experience helping you to make your business more successful.



Professional support in market entry through local distribution experts

We help medical device manufacturers research, select and open-up markets and support in finding medical device distributors in North & South America, Europe and Russia, Middle East and Africa and Asia Pacific regions.

In the last 17 years the professionals within Luctor Medical’s network have conducted hundreds of market scans and close to a 1,000 distributor searches worldwide.

What Luctor Medical can offer you:


100% dedication to the medical device and IVD industry


In-depth knowledge of local markets, customs and business culture


Multilingual capabilities


Extensive experience in international business development


Access to multi-disciplinary contacts (regulatory, legal, logistics, etc.)

Contact Us for a Free, No-Obligation Proposal

Our team of distribution consulting experts is ready to help you establish your next successful long-term market introduction. Give us a call or submit an inquiry online and so we can find out more about your specific needs.

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