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Frequently Asked Questions About our Distributor Search Services 

  • How does Luctor Medical charge for their services?
    The first step, conducting a market scan, is quoted as a flat fee. The second step, distributor screening and qualification, is quoted based on an hourly fee and the number of hours we expect to need. That number of hours depends on the scope of the search in a specific market and is the maximum number of hours required. The third step (distributor selection) and fourth step (implementation and management of distributor network) are quoted on the specific requirements and time required to do the job.
  • What is the lead-time for the services offered?
    A market scan normally takes 2-4 weeks. The distributor screening and qualification normally takes 4-6 weeks which, of course, depends on how long it takes for potential partners to respond.
  • Does Luctor Medical also assist with questions on e.g. market access, reimbursement, regulatory requirements and importing?"
    Luctor Medical has its focus on the commercial distribution part but through our extensive network, we can direct you to the right partners in specific countries to assist you in answering any questions in the above-mentioned areas.
  • How do you perform your screening assessments of prospective distributors?
    Besides having an existing database of over 10,000 screened distributors worldwide, the local consultants are responsible for the screening of the distributors listed. They do the screening by reaching out to relevant people in their network, by searching information in many ways and based on their past experience doing searches for other companies
  • Can you assist us in reviewing distributor contracts?
    Yes, we have in our network experienced legal partners that can review and advise on distributor contracts.
  • We have an in-house sales team that has identified X potential distributors. Can you qualify them for us?
    Besides doing the listing and qualification in combination, we can also do the listing or qualification as a separate activity.
  • We prefer to do the screening work ourselves. Can you provide us with a list of distributors?
    We can definitely provide you with a list of distributors. We sometimes do this when it is a very technical product or solution where the manufacturer prefers to do the qualification themselves. In general we advise to have Luctor Medical do the qualification part as well given the background of the local consultant.
  • We found a list of distributors online. Why should we work with you instead of doing the screening work ourselves?
    The added value of Luctor Medical is in the use of local consultants. They have a vast experience in the medical devices market in the target country and know which probing questions to ask. Besides their local network, they speak the language and understand the local culture which is a great asset when doing an assessment.
  • Can you help us narrow down which countries make sense to enter in a specific region based on our product mix?
    We can help you defining the focus markets within a region based on your product mix. We take several factors into account including difficulty/length of regulatory approval, reimbursement, local demand and the intensity of competition. If not clear from the start, we will ask the feedback from our consultants on the potential in their markets.
  • We need to replace our distributor in a specific market. Given that word gets around, how can you ensure that the current distributor does not find out we are “shopping” for their replacement?"
    Our consultants are aware that this is a delicate process requiring the utmost discretion in case the existing distributor needs to be replaced. In most cases the name of the company is not used until we start communicating to those potential partners that have shown a real interest in the product. By doing so, we prevent having unwanted rumours in the marketplace.
  • Does Luctor Medical also work on a commission basis?
    In principle we do work on a fixed fee basis. The reason for not working on a commission basis is that there are many factors outside of our influence that have an effect on the potential sales and therefore the potential commission.
  • How do you secure that information is treated confidentially?
    If there is a requirement from your side to do so, we can have an NDA in place before we start the project.

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