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Medical device distributor search, qualification and selection

In many English speaking countries, finding distributors online is maybe not so difficult but in some it is nearly impossible. And if you are looking for distributors in Japan or China, you better be searching in Japanese or Chinese. Many of our clients have tried doing searches online and contacting distributors via email, only to give up in frustration. That’s because the best distributors are busy! They are not spending their time making sure they are easy to find on Google. You need to dig deep to find them, assess their capabilities and then sell them on why they should represent your product and company. We help you do this.

Developing a specific medical distributor profile is the first step in finding a great partner.

All distributors are not created equal so the first step in the process is understanding exactly what you need. Do you have a complex device that requires local servicing? Do you sell direct to consumers? Do you need a distributor that has close relationships with key opinion leaders? Are there competitive products that need to be excluded? We can help you develop a specific distributor profile that will focus on what you exactly need.

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We don’t sell distributor lists. We provide a curated list of qualified, reputable partners.

With a robust profile developed, we dig deep into our international distributor database, approach our network and do necessary research to curate a list of highly qualified distributors that match your profile. Next, we actually pick up the phone and call them! Our team consists of experienced former medical device sales executives, so they know which questions to ask and how to assess real interest. Our database – with 5,000+ entries – has been curated over the last 15+ years and includes everything from large national distributors to small category specialists.

The specific information you need

After contacting distributors that match your profile we rank each one and summarize their company profile, product portfolio and manufacturers represented along with full contact information from the people with whom we spoke. You can then choose to get connected if there is mutual interest or define which specific partners to pursue further. At this point, we can interview interested distributors on your behalf for details on how they would launch your product in their markets and assist you in performing final due diligence and securing a contract!

We perform in-depth due diligence on your short list of preferred distribution partners 

Luctor Medical will help prioritize international marketsassess target markets and search for highly qualified distributors. Once your list of distributors has been narrowed to a few preferred partners, we conduct a more thorough assessment of their company, local reputation, specialties, market coverage and effectiveness. This work is performed by our staff of distribution consultants who have deep local knowledge.  In many markets, an on-site visit is highly recommended in order to get a clear and complete picture of their operations. In these cases, we can accompany you as your international liaison or conduct visits on your behalf.

Contract coordination expertise allows us to help you get the best terms possible

Once you have narrowed down the number of potential partners in a market to select a preferred distributor, the “dance” begins. Each party will have different ideas about the partnership and what contract terms are desired and acceptable. We bridge that divide by advising you on terms we have seen other clients deploy successfully in specific markets, and act as the international link between you and the distributor. That’s useful because we understand the local business culture and can bridge divides before they derail a contract negotiation. In many cases, we can assist you in finding out whether specific contract language is acceptable/enforceable in your chosen market through our network of local attorneys.

Luctor can help you enter new markets smoothly and successfully

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We assist with selecting and managing high quality medical distributors

Whether you are entering a new market or expanding your distribution network, we can assist you with selecting high quality medical distributors. With a team of local and experienced professionals, we help you make the right choices, and work to promote long term relationships between you and your distribution partners.

We offer a dedicated and convenient outsourcing solution for identifying, selecting, and managing qualified medical device distributors in the major international medical device markets.

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Our approach in establishing medical distribution

Our approach to identifying and evaluating medical distributors maximizes the selection of the best possible partners for you. During the selection process we evaluate a distributor’s:

  • Experience with other products in your device niche

  • Proven access to the required customer base for your products

  • Reputation in the industry

  • Level of enthusiasm about your device

  • Plan to promote your products

In conducting our analysis, we focus on proven expertise and demonstrable results. While it is impossible to guarantee the performance of a given medical distribution partner, our systematic, objective evaluations significantly increase the possibility that you will make the best possible choice that results in a long term profitable partnership.

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Determine which countries or regions seem like good potential markets for your medical device.

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Determine how to enter the focus markets based on local competition, pricing and route to market.

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Define your ideal distributor profile, find matches, introduce your company and device, then qualify distributors.

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Conduct due diligence on your preferred short list of potential partners, do site visit, and coordinate getting signed contracts.

Contact us for a free proposal

Let Luctor Medical supplement your own research with the experienced insight of our global medical distribution team. Get in touch with us and we’ll tell you more about how we have helped hundreds of medical device and IVD companies focus their international market strategy and successfully introduce their products into new international markets.

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