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Market Access and Regulatory Support in target markets

Making sure your products are regulatory compliant and meet the requirements for reimbursement can be a lengthy and costly process. While you can enter many European markets having registered CE-marking, this is often not the case in other regions where individual countries like India, Saudi Arabia or Brazil have individual processes in place which vary depending on the classification of the product or solution. To assure that your product is being reimbursed by healthcare payers in a specific market can be vital to commercial success. We have the knowledge and local network to support you worldwide, also in emerging markets.

We can offer worldwide support in getting your product to market meeting the local regulations and requirements

Luctor Medical has helped companies with entering new markets. We supported with product registration in countries like India, UAE and Turkey. We clarified the requirements for reimbursement of existing products in European markets like Germany and can assist in the whole qualification process from start to finish. And through our partner network we have supported companies that needed an importer or in-country representation. Feel free to contact us and we will find a solution that answers your needs and helps you to move on.

Contact us for a free proposal

Get in touch with us and we’ll tell you more about how we can support you in your international market strategy and successfully introduce your products into new international markets.

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