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Medical Device Distributor Selection and Contract Coordination

Finding and vetting the highest quality medical device distributors is our specialty. Regardless of whether you are an American company looking for distributors in Japan, or a European company seeking representation in Brazil, our experienced team will help you select the most professional, proven distribution partners that are most likely to produce results.

We perform in-depth due diligence on your short list of preferred distribution partners 

Luctor Medical will help prioritize international marketsassess target markets and search for highly qualified distributors. Once your list of distributors has been narrowed to a few preferred partners, we conduct a more thorough assessment of their company, local reputation, specialties, market coverage and effectiveness. This work is performed by our staff of distribution consultants who have deep local knowledge.  In many markets, an on-site visit is highly recommended in order to get a clear and complete picture of an operation. In these cases, we can accompany you as your international liaison or conduct visits on your behalf.

Contract coordination expertise allows us to help you get the best terms possible

Once you have narrowed down the number of potential partners in a market, the “dance” begins. Site visits are highly recommended to see the actual operations of these partners. Our consultants can go along with you on these meetings. Each party will have different ideas about what contract terms are desired and acceptable. We bridge that divide by advising you on terms we have seen other clients deploy successfully in specific markets, and act as the international liaison between you and the distributor. That’s useful because we understand local business culture and can bridge divides before they derail a contract negotiation. In many cases, we can assist you in finding out whether specific contract language is acceptable/enforceable in your chosen market through our network of local attorneys.

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Determine which countries or regions seem like good potential prospects for your medical device.

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Determine how to enter the focus markets based on local competition, pricing and route to market.

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Define your ideal distributor profile, find matches, introduce your company and device, then qualify distributors.

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Conduct due diligence on your preferred short list of potential partners, do site visit, and coordinate getting signed contracts.

Contact us for a free proposal

Let Luctor Medical supplement your own research with the experienced insight of our global medical distribution team. Get in touch with us and we’ll tell you more about how we have helped hundreds of medical device and IVD companies focus their international market strategy and successfully introduce their products into new international markets.

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