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Solving global queries on registration, availability and usage of medical devices required for drug delivery

During the drug development process, the question for Biopharmaceutical companies on how to administer the drug becomes evident. What specific medical devices, for instance needles, syringes or infusion sets, are required for drug administration and in which markets are those devices available and in use to base your commercial launching process on? Besides that, do you make claims in your IFU on medical device availability which need to be confirmed?

Luctor Medical answers your questions on worldwide registration, availability and use of certain medical devices required for drug delivery

Through our existing global network of experienced medical device consultants, we can give you fast and accurate feedback on medical device registration, availability and usage. Availability can include information on who the legal manufacturer is, local supply contact information, which product codes are used and product technical details. Medical device usage on the other hand  gives accurate information on the actual drug delivery process as this might well be different in one country versus another.  

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Getting information on medical device registration, availability and usage fast and efficient means no delay in the product launch process

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A global network of over 40 consultants, all having a background in Medtech, assures local data provided is accurate and reliable

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Supporting a focused
commercial launch

Up-to-date knowledge on where medical devices, required to administer certain drugs, are registered, available and used can support the decision in which markets to launch and in which markets not

We provide valuable insight and give Biopharmaceutical companies a higher chance of commercial success

Having done searches for global top 20 Biopharmaceutical clients on medical device registration, availability and usage in over a 100 countries worldwide, we know what data you are looking for and we have the experience to get the required information in a fast and efficient way.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs

Let Luctor Medical provide you with the data needed to support your drug commercial launch process. Our global team of experienced medical device consultants can support you in a fast and accurate way. Get in touch with us and we’ll tell you more about how we have helped other Biopharma companies to increase the focus in their international market strategy and successfully introduce their drugs in international markets.

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