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We support Medical Device and IVD Clients Worldwide

Over the past 20 years, we have supported hundreds of companies globally with a variety of requests. With our support, they were able to enter new markets successfully or make underperforming markets work. Our focus is on the medical sector and we are well versed in many categories of medical devices, in-vitro diagnostics and OTC products. Almost everyone on our distribution consulting team has 20+ years of medical industry experience, working in a variety of companies, small and large. 

Client cases

  • Japan: successfullly identified a distribution partner for a North-American MRI software company and supported in the distributor due-diligence process

  • India: supported a company active in oncology treatment with product registration and distributor search

  • USA: defined the go-to-market strategy and conducted a successful partner search for an incontinence management product supplier

  • China: found a distributor for a Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) company and supported them in the management of the distributor

  • Middle East: combined registration and distributor search for a company selling surgical equipment

  • ASEAN: researched potential partners for a European manufacturer of neonatal nutrition 

  • Brazil: successful distributor search for a European based manufacturer of non-invasive respiratory monitoring

  • Australia: distributor listing and qualification for an Asian based IVD manufacturer

  • Germany: conducted a reimbursement classification search for a Japanese company for one of their newly introduced products

  • USA: conducted a successful distributor search for a European company active in hospital sterilization

  • UAE and KSA: distributor search for a Biomaterials manufacturer from Australia

  • Scandinavia: supported a company active in medical aesthetics with regional market entry

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