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We Help Companies Connect With High Quality Japanese Medical Device Distributors

Japan is a highly sophisticated “top 5” medical device market. While it has a robust local medical device industry, it is also highly dependent on imports. However, cultural and language issues make finding good distributors difficult for “Western” manufacturers. With a team of experienced professionals based in Tokyo, we help medical device manufacturers research, analyze and qualify Japanese medical equipment distributors. We take a multi-faceted approach to medical device distribution management. The goal is to ensure that all potential medical distribution partners in Japan are objectively evaluated based on your business needs, and carefully monitored afterwards for ongoing success. 
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Japan market entry strategy

Japan is urban and relatively small so companies often set up distribution in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.  Luctor can fully assist you in coming up with a plan on how to determine which cities to enter first in Japan, and how many distributors might be necessary. Depending on the servicing and warehousing needs of your devices, we can make recommendations for an optimal service and logistics structure. Finally, if you have not already done so, we can conduct an analysis of competing local products. 

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Japanese Medical Distributor Qualification

Using our local consulting team, we thoroughly pre-qualify potential Japanese medical distribution partners based on your needs. This includes an intensive phone screening of distributors including evaluation of their experience, service level, etc. followed by one-on-one interviews to determine a “short list” of qualified candidates. If desired, we can also conduct on-site evaluations of “short list” distributors to ensure everything is as presented. You will, of course, make the final selection based on your comfort level and analysis.


Services tailored to your specific needs

Whether your Japanese distribution strategy focuses on commercialization in a specific city or setting up a national network, we have the expertise to identify and screen the best quality medical distributors. Our multi-step process for evaluating potential Japanese distribution partners is customized to your business needs. We can do as much or as little as you need. This may include analyzing your device’s market potential and the local competitive landscape, defining your ideal service and logistics profile, conducting face-to-face interviews with distributors in Japan, narrowing your “short list” based on our analysis and assistance with contract negotiations. We can even assist with taxation, legal and real estate issues through our network in Japan.

Let Us Help Find and Qualify New Japanese Distributors

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