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How to go about finding medical distributors

Have a clear idea of your business development strategy

Finding the best medical distribution partners is in many ways just as important as obtaining regulatory registration for your medical device. Manufacturers spending all their time and resources on the registration process can sometimes overlook the need to properly research, identify and screen medical distributors in order to achieve their product commercialization goals.

In order to find and screen potential distribution partners for your chosen medical device markets, you should first have a clear idea of your business development strategy. Without a careful marketing plan and method to evaluate distribution partners, your sales targets and business goals could be missed.

Key consideration for finding your distributors

Important business considerations to bear in mind when beginning your distributor search include the following:

  • Who are your current competitors in your chosen medical device markets?

  • Where are your competitors concentrated?

  • How does your device compare to those of your competitors in terms of quality and cost?

  • Will reimbursement be an issue in any of your chosen markets?

  • How well-served are your chosen markets already by devices similar to yours?

  • What are the future growth trajectories for your chosen markets?

Contact Luctor Medical

Please contact us for more information or a free proposal on assisting you with finding medical distributors in your chosen markets.

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