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We Help Medical Device Manufacturers Connect With High-Quality Colombian Distributors

Colombia is the third economy in South-America and lies in the northern part of the continent. The largest city is Bogota and the country has a population of 51 million people. In terms of efficiency it has a well-ranked healthcare system. It provides excellent opportunities for importers that offer cost-efficient medical devices and solutions. Luctor can support you in developing the right go-to-market strategy for your company when entering Colombia. Working with local experienced distribution consultants ensures that distributors are evaluated objectively, with your specific business needs in mind, and that you increase your chances of successfully operating within the Colombian  market. See all North and South America markets we serve.


Colombia market entry strategy 

According to research, 4 of the top 10 hospitals in Latin America were based in Colombia in 2019. Healthcare in Colombia stands out in Latin America and in the world as of high quality, widespread and respectable. Luctor Medical has the local consultants to fully assist you in coming up with a plan on how to enter this market. If needed, we can also support you with regulatory and reimbursement issues through our local network. Depending on the servicing and warehousing needs of your devices, we can make recommendations for an optimal service and logistics infrastructure. Finally, if you have not already done so, we can conduct an analysis of competing local products and sales models.

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Colombia Medical Distributor Qualification

We understand the local culture whereby long term relationship building is very important, We thoroughly pre-qualify potential Colombian medical device distribution partners based on your needs. This includes an intensive phone screening including evaluation of their experience, service level, etc. followed by one-on-one interviews to determine a “short list” of qualified potential distribution partners. If desired, we can also conduct on-site evaluations of “short list” distributors to ensure everything is as presented. You will, of course, make the final selection based on your comfort level and analysis.


Services tailored to your specific needs

Whether your distribution strategy focuses on a specific niche or when you want to be present in different channels, we have the expertise to identify and screen the best quality medical device distributors in the Colombian market. Our multi-step process for evaluating potential distribution partners is customized to your business needs. We can do as much or as little as you need. This may include analyzing your device’s market potential and the local competitive landscape, defining your ideal service and logistics profile, conducting face-to-face interviews with distributors, narrowing your “short list” based on our analysis and assistance with contract negotiations. We can even assist with regulatory, taxation and legal issues through our regional network.

Let Us Help Find and Qualify New Colombian Distributors

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