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We Help Medical Device & IVD Manufacturers to successfully enter the Algerian market

Algeria is located in Northern-Africa and it’s the largest country in Africa by total area. Its population of 45 million people lives mainly in the north near the Mediterranean Sea and mainly in the larger cities like Algiers, Oran and Constantine. The Sahara dominates the southern part. The dominant language is Arabic but in the healthcare sector French is often spoken as well. Luctor Medical can support in developing the right go-to-market strategy for your company for Algeria. We work with local experienced medical device distribution consultants to ensure we find you the best solution and distribution partners to operate successfully in the Algerian market. See all Middle East and African markets we serve. 


Algeria market entry strategy

Exporting medical devices to Algeria can be challenging due to local regulations and strict importation processes. Importation regulations might change effecting the total supply chain. This requires knowledgeable partners. Luctor can support you in defining a succesful market entry strategy. We can support you as well with regulatory, reimbursement and imortation issues through our local network. We help to establish an optimal service and logistics infrastructure. We have the experience and contacts in the market to make your entry a success. 

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Algeria medical device distributor qualification

Building long term relations with your partners is crucial to be successful in the Middle East and Northern African markets. Investing in a sustainable relation is key. We have the knowledge when it comes to qualifying potential Algerian medical device distribution partners based on the distributor profile you are looking for. We assess their experience, service levels and marketing efforts, followed by one-on-one interviews to determine a “short-list” of qualified potential distribution partners. If desired, we can conduct on-site evaluations to ensure the reality is in line with the expectations set. You will, of course, make the final selection based on your comfort level and analysis.


Your specific needs define our services

Through our local network, Luctor Medical can support you with almost any question to help you successfully enter the Algerian market. From market access queries, market assessment questions, finding distribution or logistics partners, finding and assessing the right KOL for your products and service; we have the experience, the network and we can help you. Any specifc regulatory, importation and legal issues you might have can be addressed and solved through our locally established network. Algeria is a promising but also challenging market. Let Luctor Medical support you in achieving your goals

Let us help to make your activities in Algeria a success

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