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Selecting the right type of medical device distributor

Luctor Medical DistributionThe right distribution partner is crucial

Successful commercialization of your medical device in a particular market depends a lot upon the type of medical device distributor you choose as a partner. Once you have determined which medical device markets best match your business development goals and registered your product according to regulatory requirements, selecting a distributor that best complements your sales and marketing strategy is crucial.

Assessing Medical Device Distributors by Type

When evaluating potential distribution partners according to type, it’s important to first answer some crucial questions about your product and business:

  • Is your device simple or complex?
  • Will regular servicing of your device be required?
  • How many countries/markets do you want to target?
  • Is your device a new and unique product, or a high-volume, low-margin product?

Based on your answers to the questions above, you can develop a profile of your specific distribution requirements in order to screen potential partners.

Manufacturers of relatively simple devices focusing on a limited number of markets are often better served by smaller, regional distributors. If your device is more complex and your business development plan includes commercialization in multiple markets, however, partnering with a master distributor with an international network makes more sense.

Although master distributors typically offer wider access to multiple markets, their services can be expensive. Manufacturers should exercise proper due diligence—market research, developing distributor profiles and so forth—as part of their distribution partner selection process.

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