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Medical Device and IVD Target Market Assessment for Manufacturers

Your sales are doing well in Country A and now you’re ready to expand into Country B. All you need is a good distributor and success is assured right? Not so fast. A winning formula in one country may not transfer to another. Companies often rush headlong into a new market without properly assessing competition, reimbursement, business culture and local demand for their product. Often the assumption is that a big market is a good market, and a good distributor will overcome fundamental challenges.

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Online you can find research reports for sale that may tell you about the size of individual medical device and IVD markets by country and/or category. These reports focus on published government data but rarely provide insights that really matter. As a company you need to be smart about prioritizing the countries you enter, considering all factors including:

  • Size of local market for your device category
  • Speed and cost of getting regulatory approval
  • Competitors in your category (local vs imports)
  • State of your technology vs currently available options
  • Local pricing, payors and reimbursement
  • Intellectual Property (IP) protection
  • Acceptability of imported products
  • Import tariff rates
  • Structure of local sales and distribution channels


For cost and timing reasons, we understand that most medical device and IVD manufacturers do not require a detailed analysis of all the factors noted above and will do some research internally. That’s why we tailor our research to only focus on the factors that are important to you, and only in markets of serious interest. You only pay for what you need. See which markets we serve

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Regardless of whether you are entering Brazil, France, Japan or anywhere in between, our distribution team will ensure that you hit the ground running. Rather than launching your product and learning by trial and error, we reduce your risk by giving you a clear view of the market landscape in advance.

Every member of our multilingual distribution team has 20+ years of experience in international medical device sales and distribution so we know which questions to ask and how to collect this information efficiently. By tapping our database of local business contacts and distributors, we offer valuable insight no amount of internet searching could uncover, increasing your odds of success in your critical first year of sales.

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The Luctor Medical team is ready to help you focus, accelerate and execute your market entry strategy. Get in touch with us and we’ll tell you more about how we have helped hundreds of medical device and IVD companies successfully introduce their products into new markets.

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