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Building a profile to screen potential medical device distributors

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A key part of your medical distributor selection process is building a profile in order to evaluate and qualify potential partners in your chosen medical device markets. This profile should incorporate details of your device as well as your overall business requirements, and can match those requirements to distributors best suited to assist you in your sales efforts.

What your profile should include

Your profile should include information about your device such as how simple or complex it is, whether your device uses novel or advanced technology, and if it will require servicing or maintenance on a regular basis. The medical distributor profile should also contain your business goals as well as identify the medical device markets in which you plan to sell your product.

Using your profile to qualify distributors

Using your profile, we can create a pre-screened list of potential medical device distribution partners. This list may vary from five to 40 distributors depending on the regional, national or international scope of your business development strategy. Once you have evaluated the list of distributors we have generated, we then go through the process of qualifying the listed distributors to identify the best potential partners for your business. Our qualifying process entails contacting each distributor on the list and providing them with your device’s technical and pricing information as well as product samples if necessary.

In addition, we will interview interested distributors on your behalf for details on how they would launch your product in their markets.

Following our qualification process, your list of potential medical distribution partners will be considerably smaller—only those firms best matching the requirements set forth in your distributor profile will remain. At this point, we can facilitate conference calls or face-to-face interviews with you and these distributors in order for you to make your final determination. The process can take two to three months to complete, but substantially increases the likelihood that you’ll find the best-equipped distributor for your medical device marketing plan.

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