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Medical Device Distribution in south korea

Medical Device Distribution in South Korea

The medical device market in South Korea is the third largest in the Asia Pacific region. South Korea has a rapidly aging population and an increasing demand for sophisticated medical technology. Medical device imports supply over half of the medical technology market.

Finding quality Korean distributors is critical

When considering medical device distribution in South Korea, it may be tempting to find distributors on the internet or at annual trade shows such as KIMES. However, relationships are very important in South Korea so careful evaluation of potential distribution partners and their relationships with buyers is critical to success. Choosing the wrong distributor can lead to missed sales opportunities and a damaged brand name.

Working with experienced distribution consultants ensures that distributors are evaluated objectively, with your specific business needs in mind.

Finding the best distributors for your devices

We can help you research, analyze and select the best Korean medical device distributors. Our two-step approach to distributor selection includes:

1. South Korea market potential and market entry strategy

  • Inventory of competing products on the market.
  • Determination of MFDS compliance requirements.
  • Optimal service and logistics structure, if needed.

2. Medical supply distributor qualification and selection

  • Creation of an ideal medical supply distributor profile.
  • Use of our database to determine distributors within South Korea.
  • Thorough pre-qualification of Korean distributors.
  • Intensive screening of medical device distributors, including an evaluation of experience and service level.
  • In-depth interviews to determine qualified medical distribution candidates.
  • On-site evaluations of medical distributors.
  • Final distributor selection by client based on our analysis.

Work with our Korean Distribution specialists

Our team of experienced consultants on-site in South Korea can help you choose the right distributors for your medical devices. Here’s what we offer:

  • Extensive experience in regulatory and quality assurance issues, including compliance with Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS).
  • Knowledge of the Korean medical device market and business culture.
  • Optional ongoing distributor network management.
  • Multilingual capabilities.

Contact Luctor Medical

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