Medical Device Distribution in Mexico

Medical Device Distribution in Mexico

Looking for new distributors in Mexico? We help medical device manufacturers research and qualify new distribution partners in Mexico. Our team has extensive experience working with medical device companies to establish distribution in Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara as well as other cities throughout Mexico.

The Mexican market of 110,000,000 people represents an excellent opportunity for companies as it’s primarily an import market, but distributors have specific territories and selecting the right one is critically important. Most distributors cannot adequately cover all of the three largest cities, despite what they may claim.

Multi-faceted Approach

We take a multi-faceted approach to medical distributor search process. Our goal is to make sure all potential partners are systematically evaluated based on your needs. We perform three primary services for our clients:

1. Mexican market potential and entry strategy

  • Best cities/states for your product within Mexico.
  • Surveillance of competing products.
  • Ideal distributor profile.
  • Preferred logistics structure.

2. Medical device distribution in Mexico – qualification/selection

  • Thorough screening of Mexican medical distributors based on your needs.
  • Intensive qualification of medical distributors and evaluation of their experience, service level, etc.
  • Interviews to determine a “short list” of potential distribution partners.
  • On-site evaluation of “short list” of Mexican distributors in specific cities/states, if needed.
  • Selection by client based on comfort level and analysis.

Our team of medical distributor specialists
in Mexico offers you:

  • 100% dedication to the medical devices industry.
  • Extensive knowledge Mexican business culture.
  • Experience with international markets, with offices in 20+ countries.

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