Medical Device Distribution in China

Medical Device Distribution in China

We can assist medical device manufacturers with finding and analyzing medical device distributors in China. China is a huge market, with 1.35 billion people, 310,000 hospitals and more than 161,000 medical distributors. Beijing province alone has 7,700 medical distributors and Shanghai has 5,700. Given the sheer volume of distributors and communication challenges, trying to contact and qualify Chinese distributors that are reputable and well suited to your needs is extremely difficult for a non-Chinese manufacturer.

While we can provide you with a long list of distributors in specific Chinese provinces, our clients have much greater success when we get directly involved in qualifying those distributors. The goal is to ensure that all potential Chinese distribution partners are objectively evaluated based on your business needs, and carefully monitored afterwards to ensure ongoing success.

We perform three primary services for our medical device clients:

1. China market potential and market entry strategy

  • Determination of initial provinces to target. There is much more to China than Beijing and Shanghai!
  • Inventory of competing products on the market.
  • China CFDA compliance requirements for your devices.
  • Ideal Chinese medical distributor profile.
  • Optimal service and logistics structure.

2. Medical Device Distribution in China – qualification and selection

  • Thorough pre-qualification of Chinese medical distributors based on needs.
  • Intensive screening of medical distributors and evaluation of experience, service level, etc.
  • Intensive one-on-one interviews to determine a “short list” of qualified candidates.
  • On-site evaluation of “short list” medical distributors in China.
  • Final selection by client based on comfort level and analysis.

3. Medical equipment distributor network management

  • Liaison between your company and distribution partners (both distributors and logistics and other service providers).
  • Assistance with troubleshooting.
  • Contact and visit your Chinese medical distributors to conduct marketing audits.
  • Monitor for any new competing products.
  • Contact your logistics and other service providers to conduct quarterly performance audits.

Our team of Chinese medical distribution specialists offers you:

  • Professional service dedication to the medical device industry.
  • Wide ranging experience in regulatory and quality assurance issues: China CFDA, Japan PMDL, European CE Marking, US FDA compliance and more.
  • In-depth knowledge of the local way of doing business, with due respect to culture.
  • Multi-disciplinary network (i.e. taxation, legal, commercial, logistics, commercial real estate, etc).

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