Medical Device Distribution in brazil

Medical device distribution in Brazil

Are you planning to start marketing your medical devices in Brazil? Need help finding, selecting, analyzing or managing Brazilian medical device distributors? Brazil is a fast growing market with more than 200,000,000 people and presents one of the most lucrative new opportunities for medical device companies.

We help medical device companies find and qualify medical device distribution in Brazil.

Finding the right partners is important. About 8 of every 10 Brazilians live in urban areas, so establishing well qualified medical device distribution in key Brazilian cities such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Brasilia is key.

Our local consulting team in Brazil will help qualify medical device distribution partners

Our consulting team specializes in medical devices so they know how to separate highly qualified and motivated medical distributors from those who will simply add your product to their catalog. This process of screening distributors in Brazil is phone intensive and relies less on emailing and web research than is common other parts of the world.

Brazilian businesses place a high value on long term business relationships. Therefore, using the services of someone with existing contacts in the Brazilian medical device industry will greatly increase the chances of successful long term relationships with your Brazilian medical distribution partners.

Managing ongoing relationships with your Brazilian distribution partners.

In addition to finding and qualifying Brazilian distributors of medical devices, our team is also available to manage ongoing relationships to ensure your distributors are maximizing the potential for your products in every city where you have representation. Many American and European companies find this to be frustrating if attempted on their own because English is not widely spoken. In Brazil, the only official language is Portuguese and it is the lingua franca of local business.

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