Medical Device Distribution in AustraliaMedical Device Distribution in Australia

Australia represents about 2% of the global medical device market with a population of 23 million people. Although Australia is not among the largest medical device markets globally, it is a mature and highly advanced market. There is significant demand for sophisticated medical equipment and Australians are inclined to adopt new technology.

We help medical device manufacturers research, analyze, select and manage Australian medical device distributors.

We can help you obtain fast and cost effective access to the Australian market.

Multi-faceted Approach

We take a multi-faceted approach to medical device distribution management. The goal is to ensure that all potential medical distribution partners in Australia are objectively evaluated based on your business needs, and carefully monitored afterwards for ongoing success.

We perform three main services for our medical device and IVD clients:

1. Market potential and market entry strategy for medical device distribution in Australia

  • Geographical markets within Australia that should be entered first.
  • Inventory of competing products for sale in Australia.
  • TGA regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Ideal Australian medical distributor profile.
  • Optimal service and logistics structure.

2. Medical Device Distribution in Australia – qualification and selection

  • Thorough pre-qualification of Australian medical distribution partners based on needs.
  • Intensive screening of medical device distributors and evaluation of experience, service level, etc.
  • Intensive one-on-one interviews to determine a “short list” of qualified candidates.
  • On-site evaluation of “short list” medical device distributors.
  • Final selection by client based on comfort level and analysis.

Our team of medical distribution specialists offers you:

  • 100% focus on the medical devices industry.
  • Knowledge of the Australian way of doing business and culture.
  • Extensive knowledge of other international markets including the US, Canada, Japan and Europe.
  • Multi-disciplinary network within Australia (i.e. taxation, legal, commercial, logistics, commercial real estate, etc).

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